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The Future of Pet Tags is Here!

ZuluTails is the first smart tag that connects you with your pet instantly and securely.

How ZuluTails Works



You’ll see the pet’s name, breed, personality traits, health issues and other useful information.


Choose email, text or phone – either way we’ll make sure your message gets delivered instantly!


We'll send the owner an alert via our secure portal so the pet can be returned home safely.

How ZuluTails Works

Scan the QR code or enter the pet's UPI

ZuluTails Benefits

Privacy & Security

Our secure communications portal protects the personal information of our pet members and their trusted community.

No GPS or Microchip

We don't rely on batteries, scanning devices, apps or wifi trackers – so even when you’re out of reach, we’ve got you covered.


ZuluTails is only $19.99/year with a discount for each additional pet - a fraction of the cost of other pet tracking systems.

Giving Back

ZuluTails partners with organizations that share our passion for saving, protecting, caring and advocating for animals.

What Our Clients Are Barking About

“I became a ZuluTails member when my friend recommended it to me after my dog jumped the fence twice in one day. I feel relieved knowing that if my dog Bella runs away, someone would be able to quickly get in touch with me using the ZuluTails website. Gives me peace of mind.”

Paul G.

“When I heard of ZuluTails and realized that their mission was to bring home lost pets safely with a simple affordable UPI identifier, I thought I would sign up and become a ZuluTails member. I quickly learned that it was an affordable and safer way to track my pets.”

Jamie S.

What Our Clients Are Barking About

Why Zulutails

10 million

Pets go missing in the US each year

6.5 million

Pets end up in shelters each year

31 million

Pets do not have identification tags or collars

We Support Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets helps create second chances and new beginnings by connecting our nation’s military Veterans with rescued animals. With over 600 successful matches and counting, they are dedicated to changing lives – one lick at a time.

Pets for Vets
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