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Who We Are

We are cybersecurity experts, cryptologists, and animal lovers, dedicated to the humane treatment and protection of all animals. 

ZuluTails was created to reunite lost pets with their families. Many of our ZuluTails team members have experienced the impact of a lost pet or reunited a lost pet to its family. ZuluTails has an innovative, global, simple web application that recovers lost pets, which has a meaningful impact on pet owners, furry friends, families, and their communities.

ZuluTails reunites beloved pets with their families. We are committed to supporting the wellbeing of all animals. A portion of the proceeds from every ZuluTails membership is donated to reputable animal-related charities.

Wag Your Way Home,
The ZuluTails Crew

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to protect your identity and reunite pets with their family as quickly as possible.

Our values include commitment, innovation, trust, reliability, family, community and privacy, and data protection.

Employee Biographies

Owner and CEO of ZuluTails
Chief Operating Officer
VP of Operations, Founding Member ZuluTails
Director of Development, Founding Member ZuluTails
Social Media Advisor, Founding Member ZuluTails
Director of Marketing