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Join Our Network & Support The Pet Community

Members of the ZuluTails family are provided with innovative technology that supports the speedy recovery of lost pets, protection of personal information, and the chance to support non-profit organizations and charities that give back to the pet community.

Get Your Pet Home Safely

Our pets are family, and protecting them is a top priority. Microchips, GPS collars, and basic tags all have their limitations. ZuluTails technology ensures that your personal information is secure, your contact information is up to date, and if your pet is lost, it is returned safely.

Privacy & Security of Personal Information

ZuluTails takes the security and privacy of your information seriously. Our Zulu Team has several members with strong security backgrounds. We have implemented security controls in place for the protection of your privacy.

Giving Back To The Pet Community

ZuluTails supports organizations that share our passion for saving, and improving the well-being and livelihood of all animals. We empower people to actively participate in the Advocation of Animals (AFA).

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Questions Before Getting Started?

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Please refer to our FAQ page, which addresses the most common questions about our services and platform.

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What Customers Are Saying

“My name is Paul and I become a ZuluTails member because my friend had recommended to me after my dog jumped the fence twice in one day. When I became a member, I felt relieved knowing that if my dog Bella run away, someone would be able to quickly get in touch with me using the ZuluTails website. More than anything, it provided me with a piece of mind.”

– Paul G., Dog Owner